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a couple photos I took yesterday on plum island.  I don’t really know what happened to lens on my iphone but it looked really cool.

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April 27 2014
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April 18 2014

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April 17 2014
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I haven’t even kissed anyone in about 4 months and I’m really glad for that

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April 17 2014
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I had a really interesting discussion the other day about music vs. art in one of my classes.  I think that while they’re the same at the core, they are also very different.  Most of my classmates said that they are more similar.  I said that I think of art as more free and random, whereas music is like putting together a puzzle.  A classmate said, “that’s because you’re still leaning on preconceived notions of what music should be.”  

I later had a conversation with my father.  He reminded me that I’ve always been a scientist.  That’s why my brain rockets in the opposite direction during these conversations.  Professor says everything is just spent light, I think of light waves, everyone else thinks of stars.  Professor asks if music is art, the artists thinks philosophically, and the scientist thinks technically.  

What do you think?

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March 6 2014

I broke a mirror the summer before I left to college

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February 20 2014
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Jen, 24 x 30

Jen, 24 x 30

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February 17 2014
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Untitled, Oil, 24 x 30

Untitled, Oil, 24 x 30

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February 17 2014
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my attention span is roughly the size of a frozen waffle, not impossibly small but sill really too small to be very productive without assistence

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February 17 2014
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my facial expressions are so intense and out of control I can’t hide my feelings no matter what I do

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February 17 2014
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Interview with Performance / Video Artist Laurel Nakadate.  Laurel finds men on the street and then proceeds to create nude dance-party home videos with them.  Basically, she’s awesome.

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February 15 2014
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there is so much bad performance art out there, I am determined to revive it well

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February 15 2014

bodies, art bodies, bodies in art, naked bodies everywhere, I want nudity everywhere because is there a point to all that nudity ?? have you ever thought about how we’re all so ashamed of our bodies because none of us ever show ours off?  we hide them in shame

recently I accidentally ended up briefly observing a bdsm orgy, and it was incredibly interesting.  it was wonderful to see all of these people showing their bodies with no shame and suddenly it was empowering and beautiful to be imperfect- as if we could break the spell if we stopped telling ourselves that all bodies must conform to the same standard because none of ours do.  and we would know that if we ever saw them.  the body has been sexualized and sex is shameful, and i’m focusing on the desexualization of bodies but the un-shaming of sex is also important, if not moreso.

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February 15 2014
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Chris Burden: Extreme Measures

this guy is incredible

5:31 pm
February 15 2014